Solar Projects

Solar Projects

In many African countries, solar is becoming a very reliable and quantifiable commodity.

Sena International’s solar division provides more than just a premiere solar offering. We pride ourselves on superb customer satisfaction and being transparent throughout the installation process, ensuing that all our customers know what we are doing, when and why. And then we deliver. We partner with families and small business owners to bring them the solar system they want for their homes and businesses.

We supply the right solar products for your home or small business.

  • Solar panels—are mounted on your roof for optimal sun exposure, preferably facing South or West. Sunlight is converted into DC power through solar modules.
  • Solar inverters—takes the direct current (DC) power generated by solar panels and converts it to alternating current (AC) power that is used by the outlets in your home or business and compatible with the power grid.
  • Solar batteries—as day transitions to night, your battery backup system keeps things running smoothly, so if the grid goes down, the essential devices in your home will not.

Upon completion of installation the Sena International team will perform a 10-point quality assurance checklist. We schedule a final walk-through with you to physically check all of our work and ensure your 100% satisfaction with the final results.

Contact Sena International today and learn how you can save money and energy.

Interested in a career in solar energy? Sena International Solar is consistently on the lookout for quality staff and leaders. Gain access to one of the fastest growing industries in the world and join our team. We are currently hiring.