Why Africa?

Why Africa?

Africa is an evolving world market.

There are strong and growing needs for products in many countries.

Untapped African markets represent great potential for global businesses. But Africa has been an ignored, underestimated market up to now. However, recent and ongoing activity by global companies confirm the potential of African markets as attempts are made to support African countries toward global competitiveness.

Political and economic reforms provide significant new investment opportunities for global companies. At the same time, the demands of some 700 million African consumers create a huge new market for exports. Even this figure is only a fraction of the opportunity Africa represents.

As more attention turns to the continent of Africa as a source of resources and a potential growing market, Sena International offers a unique prospective due to its strong global ties and African market expertise.

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On the African continent, Sena International operates without restriction throughout the ECOWAS territory. This enables us to react quickly to maximize opportunities, one of the key challenges of international business.