What we do

What we do

We represent, with the highest of integrity, global companies in mutually beneficial trade transactions, in the following capacities.

Manufacturer representation: Representing your company, we act as the export arm of your corporation to establish an international market for your company’s products. This function is supply-driven; the objective is to close sales.

Export management: We manage all aspects of exportation for your corporation, including developing marketing strategies for targeted countries and coordination of product shipment. Depending on the products, the specific markets, and the manufacturer-clients’ needs, in some circumstances we provide significant training for and advice to our clients.

Export trading is demand driven and transaction oriented. We link buyers and sellers for specific transactions. We identify product needs and work with global manufacturers to fulfill such requirements. In some cases, we will perform a “sourcing” function, shopping markets for specific requests from international customers.

Export consulting to global companies on how to export product, especially to high-growth African countries. We will assist in market research, strategy development, and implementation plans. We provide consultation on exportation, tax structure and regulations, human resource procurement, business culture, security issues, and distribution process and channels. An important value-add is key contacts in appropriate countries.

Import services: Management, trading, and consultation services on behalf of manufacturers and producers in Africa and other countries. We market a range of products for international companies, producers, and distributors.